About Us

Quality cyber data is hard to come by. It's all we do.

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Who are we?

Organizations have the right to defend themselves against attacks, and to understand the attack surface of their partners and suppliers. To do that effectively requires accurate, actionable environmental data.

We are veteran cyber security professionals who became frustrated at the quality and value-for-money of the datasets available on the open market. Sharashka is our attempt to change that, by offering data which is easy to understand, has the bugs worked out, and is priced at a sustainable level.

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Why choose us?

We are straightforward about what we do. Our model is very simple: we provide the best quality cyber data, at the right price. That's it.

We fit with your business. By delivering data in formats that you can use easily, we save you hours of expensive developer time. That means that our APIs are straightforward and easy to use, and our Enterprise feeds come in formats that you can start querying immediately.

We show our working. There's no magician hidden behind the curtain here. As far as possible, we'll look to tell you how we obtained a piece of data.

We take pride in our work. Data issues are the bane of every analyst's life. Bad data wastes time and terminally disrupts workflow. Although we can't always prevent errors, we do always try to fix them at their root, so they don't occur again.

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Looking for something else?

If you're looking for a data feed that we don't yet offer, get in touch. We will likely be just as excited at the thought of creating it as you are.

We typically bear the full cost of developing new feeds ourselves.


Explore the API from your browser, with no signup and no credit card required.