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Data Feeds

Available via API, BigQuery, Postgres and flat-file JSON.

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Sharashka's bulk IP WHOIS data offers a complete map of the registered owners of internet IP space, in an easy-to-use normalized format.

You can search our data forwards, by IP, or in reverse, by domain or entity name. We also offer a comprehensive abuse address endpoint.

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Referral WHOIS

Referral WHOIS data drills down into network ownership details beyond the ISP level. We collect it all, and make it easily searchable.

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Reverse DNS

DNS PTR records map from individual IPs to hostnames. Our proprietary summary analytics associate a domain name for 45% of all routable IPv4 addresses.


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SIEM Enrichment

Labeling your data with owning-organization IP information is the #1 step in making it intelligible to humans.

Sharashka's API offers a simple summary endpoint that provides the most specific entity and domain for each IP. Alternatively, users who can't send IPs outside their boundary should check out our BigQuery and Postgres feeds.

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Threat Intelligence

Organized hacker groups often follow predictable routines. Accurate network information is part of the bedrock for your TTP monitoring program.

Because we check all the available sources and compile the results, you'll know that one call to our API is giving you the right data.

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Due Diligence

When you or your clients are contemplating a new business relationship, our API is the quick and accurate way to verify IP asset ownership.

With a single API call, you can find every IP range publicly associated with a given entity name or phrase. With another call, every range associated with a domain.

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Asset Location

Abandoned IP registrations details can offer attackers unwanted visibility into your network. Deny it to them.

Using a subscription to our API, you can set up regularly scheduled checks for your organization's name and domain.

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Abuse Reporting

Automate your IP abuse reporting program with our easy-to-use abuse API.

You make one API call, we determine the most specific network associated with the IP address, locate the correct abuse addresses, and deliver them back to your software.

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Risk Assessment

If you're seeking to assess the risk of a third party, you'll need to first locate their network footprint on the internet.

Often, this is a complex process. But with our reverse-search API, it's just a single call. And if you need to footprint organizations in bulk, our Enterprise feeds will get you going quickly.


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