Data Feeds

Available via API, BigQuery, Postgres and flat-file JSON.


Gathered from RIRs & NIRs.

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Our IP WHOIS data is gathered from the five Regional Internet Registries (AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE) and supplemented with data from a number of country-level National Internet Registries.


Because our IP WHOIS database is updated daily, you can be sure that the results you're seeing from the API are fresh and up-to-date.


We use a variety of collection techniques to ensure that we're eking out all the right information, and we run a full automated cross-validation test suite against each build to keep the quality up.

Referral WHOIS

Gathered from hundreds of rwhois servers.

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Referral WHOIS servers are ISP-level datastores. We regularly connect to every currently active referral WHOIS server on the internet and interrogate it for IP registration details.


Our intelligent collection technology dynamically adapts to the characteristics and structure of each server, enabling us to wring out every bit of information.


The referral WHOIS protocol has no formal schema. To enable normalization, we exhaustively mapped every field from every server into a single unified model. That means when you run a query, you just get clean, structured, data.

Reverse DNS

Gathered by scanning IPv4 space.

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Our custom-coded resolver continuously crawls DNS PTR records across the entire IPv4 address space.


We work from first principles, going right back to the root servers to ensure we're getting unbiased data. We garner positive returns for around 1.3 billion IP addresses.


Our proprietrary summary algorithms sweep over all results and infer the material structure of IP block to domain relationships. This allows us to mark up around 45% of routable IPv4 space.


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